By Joining as a Member/Representative, you certify that you have read every word on this page. You also certify you have watched or listened to the Opportunity Video posted on this website and you agree with and consent to the process described herein. If you do not agree, then please do not signup at this time. In the near future, we will offer a customer membership that is not involved with the opportunity and you can join that and enjoy all the benefits provided. Thank you.

Welcome. Read this page for an example of how our system can work!
ALL MEMBER/REPRESENTATIVES Must understand exactly how thiS "One-of-a-kind" program works AND AGREE TO THIS PAGE.

By joining, you agree to the program as described on this page and our website. We are not responsible for the marketing of Independent Representatives. We stand behind what is presented on our website only.  We reserve the right to alter the program at any time which will become effective immediately when we update the website. It is our intention to present a program which can help more people become successful. Thank you.

HERE IS HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS. We will use an example of Bob going through the process. Individual results will vary.

1. Bob joins as a Member/Customer for $1.00

Bob logs in to his Members Area and finds coupons and apps that can help him save and earn money. Included are approximately $700 in Grocery and Non-Food Coupons. He also downloads an International app that helps him find the best prices on virtually any product just by scanning the bar code. He also registers for a few apps that will pay him for scanning copies of his receipts. One even pays him $10 the first time he uses it, so he is already ahead.

In addition, he receives some powerful personal development and training. As a result, Bob saves and earns a total of $20.00 his first week. Basically, Bob joined for $1 and we helped him save $20 or more monthly easily just by using the benefits.

The coupons and the amazing Apps that pay you for scanning your receipts are just 2 of the 10 great benefits you will receive access to for just $1.00.  We find the best of the best for our members and help you put more cash in your pocket on the things you already do every day! This App alone has paid out over 137 Million Dollars already and you will receive $10 just for using it the very first time.

2. Bob likes it so he decides to tell others!

Since Bob loves his benefits and is now keeping more of his money, he decides to tell others by posting on Facebook and sending some texts and emails to people he knows. As a result, 2 people he told about also sign up for $1.00 each. When they do, Bob earns 25 cents per customer referral, so Bob has now saved $20, referred 2 customers and he's made 50 cents.

3. Since most people who hear about seem to want to join and get great deals too, many people continue to sign up and Bob earns 5% customer rebates on all their membership purchases!

The person who introduced Bob is actually really excited and refers 10 new members. Some of these end up being placed in Bob's Customer Team. And even though Bob didn't refer them, he still receives a 5% customer rebate override. And he can see those commissions happening in his Members Area in real time. He's getting pretty excited!

4. The 2 people Bob referred love the program too, so they start referring people they know who also bought the $1 Customer Membership... and Bob earns 5% customer overrides on all of those sales as well!

With the combination of members that were placed in Bob's team, those he referred, and those who were referred by the ones he introduced and the ones they introduced and so on, Bob gained a total of 100 new Customers in his team the same week.

It's easy to refer using FaceBook, Business Cards, Texts, Emails, Flyers and more!

5. Bob's Commissions start to add UP!

Now Bob has earned:
* 50 cents from personal referrals (25 cents x 2 = 50 cents)
+ 5 cents for each membership in his team (100 x 5 cents = $5.00)
So his total commissions so far are $5.50.
And let's remember the $20 he's already saved!

6. Then Bob learned that 4 personal referrals is a HUGE KEY key to creating FASTER PROFITS, so he refers 2 more customers for $1.00 each the same week!

Bob learned in this training that if he refers 10 customers, he will pre-qualify for an amazing vacation from worth $1,899. He really wants that.

He also learned...

By referring 4, every time they follow him into the next phase, he will immediately earn more than any amount he may have paid...

for his phase upgrade!  We'll cover how that works in a moment.

So when Bob referred just 2 more, he earned another 50 cents (25 cents x 2).
And each of his new 2 personal referrals referred 2 each the same week so he earned another (4 x 5 cents = 20 cents).

And Bob's total commissions he has earned so far are: $6.20. Then 6 more come into his team and his total goes up to $6.50.

7. Since Bob has qualified to move to Phase 1 with 2 personally referred Customers, his account is Auto-Upgraded on Sunday Night to PHASE 1.

Then on Monday Bob's credit card or debit card on file is charged the difference of the $10 Phase 1 Membership and his $6.50 in commissions. So the system automatically applies $6.50 from his commissions and charges $3.50 from his card.

With his Phase 1, Bob receives more valuable benefits including the DeductrPRO Tax Software that sells for $19.95 per month which helps him to write off all of his legal deductions... and more great personal development and financial success training potentially worth thousands of dollars to him and his family!

8. Next, Bob EARNS MORE and Profits almost immediately!

Something awesome happens! Since Bob had referred 4 members who also referred 2 or more in the last week, they also auto-upgraded to Phase 1 right after Bob!  This means they also pay $10.00 minus their commissions.

When this happens, Bob earn $10.00!  That's 25% on all personally referred sales, so he immediately earns ($2.50 x 4 upgraded to Phase 1 = $10.00).

In addition, Bob has 10 other Members in his team that upgraded to Phase 1 the same week, so he earned another (10 x 50 cents = $5.00).

Now Bob is still in phase 1 and he already has $15.00 in commissions.

9. Bob CONTINUES EARNING MORE through the week...

Bob's team continues to grow day by day. And with every new membership sale, he's earning another 5 cents. In week 2, Bob gets another 100 Members in his team so he earns another (100 x 5 cents = $5.00).

Now Bob has earned $20.00 in Commissions before it's time to go to Phase 2. This means his phase 2 will be completely covered by his commissions! Then another 5 members in his team make it to Phase 1, so he receives another (5 x 50 cents = $2.50)

10. By the next week, Bob has EARNED $22.50 and on Saturday Night, his $20 Phase 2 Benefits Package Upgrade is paid for by his Commissions! WOW!

When Bob made it to Phase 2 in just 2 weeks, he has already earned enough commissions to pay for his Phase 2 and he had $2.50 left over!

Note: This is only an example. Every Representative will have different results depending on how many sales they personally refer and how many sales are made in their team.

Now Bob logs in to his members area and sees his amazing Phase 2 benefits including the INTERNATIONAL HOTEL PROGRAM!  

This benefit provides Bob and his family with amazing deals on over 400,000 Hotels around the world up to 70% cheaper than, Expedia, Travelocity,, Trivago and other public sites.

His Hotel Savings Plus program now allows Bob and his family to get the very best deals and he saves several hundred dollars a year from this benefit alone!

Hotel Savings Plus also includes great deals on car rentals, vacations, cruises and more. It's normally sold for $29.99 per month, but Bob's getting his basically FREE from his commissions!  

11. And it gets even better for Bob! He has 4 personally referred members and 20 team members follow him into Phase 2 right after his upgrade!

Since Bob has 4 personal referrals who automatically follow him to the $20 Phase 2 Membership Benefit Upgrade, he immediately earns (4 members x 25% ( $5.00 each) = $20.00.

And since 20 of his team members followed him into Phase 2, he earns another (20 members x 5% ($1.00 each) = $20.00 more.

So now Bob has just earned another $40.00!

12. And his team continues to grow, so Bob also earns Phase 1 and Membership Benefits Package Commissions in the same week.

Since his team is growing with more and more sales and duplicating quickly, Bob's commissions keep rising. He logs into his Members Area and sees that he's making more commissions on all the Auto-Upgrade Days which are:

1. Sunday upgrade to Phase 1:  Charges on Monday
2. Saturday upgrades to Phase 2: Charges on Sunday
3. Friday upgrades to Phase 3: Charges on Friday
4. Thursday upgrades to Phase 4: Charges on Thursday

Bob's team is really taking off and he has over 500 Members in his network. Some of them are in each of the Phases behind him and he keeps earning more commissions on all of their sales!

By the next Friday, he has more than enough commissions to pay for his $50 Upgrade to Phase 3, where he receives more benefits including the World's Greatest Condo Vacation Program with Unlimited Vacations for as little as $399 per week!

Because of this International Benefit, Bob takes his family on a wonderful vacation. Most people at the resort paid $20,000 or more for a Timeshare and others are paying $1699 online for the week.  As Bob sits at the hot tub, he meets some nice people who love to vacation and he hands them the Business Cards.  The cards explain the business for him. Later they go online in their room and sign up! So Bob continues to build his business and earn more commissions by helping people.

Bob and his wife Mary hadn't been on a vacation for a while and she is so glad to get away. They only paid $449 total for the vacation that was worth $1695. They are really happy and had a wonderful romantic time on their vacation which was very good for their marriage. Bob and Mary are both smiling.

13. By the next week, Bob has earned more from his team sales growing and members auto-upgrading. He only had $70 in commissions by Thursday when his Phase 4 Upgrade came around, but that's ok.  His card was charged only $30 for the $100 Membership and he receives tremendous benefits.

When Bob makes it to Phase 4, he is very excited because of a few important details.

1. 4 of his personally referred members follow him up into Phase 4 the next week and he earns ($25 x 4= $100)

2. 20 of his team follow him into Phase 4 the next week and he earns (20 x $5 = $100)

3. 50 of his team follow him into Phase 3 and he earns (50 x $2 = $100)

4. Many more follow him into Phase 2 and Phase 1 and new members are joining every day . He continues to log in and see 5 cents, 50 cents, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00 commissions all adding up.

5. Bob receives our PRO Membership which is worth $100 per month, but of course, he's paying for it out of his commissions.

This includes the following Powerful benefits:

* International Discount Directory with THOUSANDS of International Discounts.
* Plus these USA benefits: 24-hour Roadside Assistance, Family Legal Plan from Legal Club of America, Free Simple Will, 24-hour shopping concierge, and great deals on Movies, Entertainment and more... All included!

With all of his benefits in the phases, Bob is saving money, getting paid to scan his receipts, getting legal tax deductions, going on amazing vacations for less and starting to really enjoy his life.

His wife Mary has even gotten excited about this and started referring her contacts on Facebook as well. 

14. Now Bob and Mary receive the LUXURY VACATION of a LifeTime with It's a 5 Star Luxury Vacation!

When Bob and Mary saw the video for Vacations, they decided then and there they wanted to go. After all, this would be a life-changing experience they would cherish and remember the rest of their lives. With most programs, it has been so hard for them to succeed, but with My1DollarBusiness, all they did was pass out 1000 business cards and talk to some folks, post on Facebook and send a few texts.

Since the program benefits virtually sold themselves, it was pretty simple for them to refer 10 members/customers.  And since the rest of the system is completely automated, it didn't take too long for 10 of their personally referred members to make it to Phase 4 with them.

Not only were they earning $25 per month for each of their personally referred Phase 4 Member Benefit Package sales, they were also earning $5.00 monthly for all of the Phase 4 sales in their team, $2 monthly for the Phase 3 sales in their team, $1 monthly for the Phase 2 sales in their team and 50 cents monthly for all the Phase 1 sales in their team.

Now with over 1,000 members in their team all at different phases, Bob and Mary are making a great extra part-time income and helping others to do the same. Not to mention they will legally deduct most of the income because of the tax software!

And they finally got to take that amazing romantic vacation they had been dreaming about.  And it only took them 90 days to get there! They went online and scheduled their Luxury Vacation Getaway!

15. When they returned, they were invited into the LEADERSHIP ROUND TABLE when they learned how to make their MONEY work for them!

Bob was very interested in learning how wealthy people use their money to work for them, so they started learning the strategies from professional mentors inside

Bob learned how there are 3 main components to becoming and staying wealthy, which are:

1. Saving Money - Don't waste or spend more than you have to.
2. Earning Money - Creating income streams.
3. Managing Money - Putting your new income to work for you.

Setting up for Financial Freedom!

Now that Bob and Mary have implemented strategies to help their money work for them, they decided to go for the top level in the company... Super Affiliate.

They realized that when they referred 100 customers who remained active for a minimum of 2 months, they would start to receive Profit-Sharing from the company. (That's a share of all the profits earned by

So they went to work getting the word out on Social Media, Advertising, Texting, emailing and they even got some approved leads and called them and put them in the business too. It was the simplest thing they ever did because of the value, little risk and it's only $1.00 to start.

So they were successful!  They became Super Affiliates!

And within a couple of months, they had 50 of their referrals follow them into Phase 4, where they now received an amazing prize...

The SUPER AFFILIATE VACATION!  This included anther amazing trip to resorts PLUS AirFare for two and $1,000 extra Spending Cash!

Leaving A Family Legacy!

Now that Bob and Mary are earning a great income, they use their benefits to set up a free simple will to protect their children. And since their daughter Suzi just turned 18, they enroll her in the business too. Their cousin Ralph is driving for a car service. Suzi refers him and he starts handing out Business Cards to all of his passengers. He grows a huge team and Suzi is now building her income to pay for college so she can graduate debt free.  Bob and Mary have spread joy, savings, and earnings and they are leaving a legacy.

Unlimited Income Potential with Customers!

All legitimate businesses have both customers and representatives. The customers are those who are buying a great product or service from the Reps and the customers are not Reps. With your business, you will receive a store where you can send people to buy great products and services. Minimal customer requirements ensure that you always have customers, which does 4 things...

1) Provide great products and services to people who want and need them.
2) Produce more income for you on a monthly basis.
3) Ensure you run your business legally and ethically.
4) Produce more potential income from the customer (non-rep) sales of your team.

All reps will have plenty of time to build their network and income and then get at least 1 customer within 90 days. This will automatically help Reps to earn even more income... actually producing an Unlimited Income plan!

Built For Success!

We believe the plan we have created is one of the finest in the history of home-based business.  It solves some of the most troubling challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

1)  It's affordable for the masses.

2) Each phase provides much more value than the price.

3) Commissions are used to pay for a part of or the entire phase benefit upgrades.

4) Reps receive "Yes" after "Yes" more often than getting no's they typically experience with other businesses.

5) It's the perfect "Feeder Program" for other businesses. If they say no to the more expensive opportunity first, you can probably refer them to this. If they say yes to the other business first, you can still probably refer them to this.

One of the main points you must understand and agree to is that... YES, you may pay more than $1.00 and that's OK, even Great... and here's why!

You must understand and agree that in our system, MOST people who refer 2 members will pay a portion of their Phase 1 auto-upgrade when they have qualified by referring 2 customers for $1. And that's perfectly Ok. Why?

1) Because as the members they refer follow them into phase 1, they will receive $2.50 for each plus 50 cents per team member who follows them!

So for example, if they refer 2 who follow them, they immediately earn $5.00 after they are charged, and if they refer 4 who follow them, they immediately earn $10.00 right after they are charged.

And since they paid less than $10.00 for their upgrade, they are moving into immediate profit! That's what makes our system superior!

2) Also because the value of what they receive is worth much more than $10.00. As a matter of fact, most people can save $5, $10, $20 or more their first week just by using the member benefits.

Look at it this way...

1. You join as a member for only $1.00. Can you afford that?

2. You use your benefits to get paid $10.00 from one of the Apps, and you save money on things you were going to buy anyway. So you are way ahead already!

3. You refer 4 people to join for $1.00 and do the same.

4. The next week you pay around $8.50 for your Phase 1 upgrade. So what? You are already ahead. And watch...

5. Your 4 follow you into Phase 1 and you earn 25% ($2.50 on each). So you just made $10.00 right after you paid $8.50. That means you are profiting!

Then the faster your team grows, the faster your profits can exceed whatever you spend.  And you can write off anything you spend off your taxes!

Representatives Agree...

By joining, you must agree to follow the system and how it works. If you refer nobody, you will remain a customer and pay only $1 per month.

If you refer others and submit your Representative Agreement, you will become a Member/Representative and receive commissions on your referral's purchases.

If you are not willing to pay a few dollars for your phase 1 upgrade and have the potential for the outcome like Bob and Mary experienced in this demo, then we ask you not to join as a Rep. You can simply be someone's customer when we open the store.

Building an extra income is not for everybody and if it's not for you, we completely understand. However, if it is for you, join us, refer 2 or more and start building your passive residual income today!


Who is the founder of

Mr. Steve Gresham, who is also the founder of, Vice President of the USKKA, United States Kenpo Karate Association and an experienced, successful entrepreneur with a mission to help families become debt free and spread success, happiness and love throughout the world. Mr. Gresham has over 25 years experience in sales and marketing and has a passion for helping people find their true potential. We hope you join us in our mission, spread the word and experience success and happiness.

Member/Representative Conditions:

I understand and agree to the following conditions: I am paying $1.00 to Join as a Member and will receive access to all of the benefits membership provides. I may become a Representative for free by completing the required training and sending in a copy of my Independent Representative Agreement. 

I will receive commissions in my account on all personal "direct" sales. Once my account has reached $50 in excess of my membership phase charges, I will be issued a commission payment by check, e-wallet or other method. I must maintain a minimum of 2 personally referred active members in order to receive monthly team commission overrides in my 2x10 structure.

The price of membership is $1.00 monthly. The price of phase 1 benefits is $10.00 monthly, phase 2 benefits are $20.00 monthly, phase 3 benefits are $50.00 monthly and phase 4 benefits are $100 monthly. If I do not meet the qualifications for "Auto-Upgrade" or "Leveling-Up", my account will remain at the "member level" or "phase level" it has been at, and my card on file will be charged monthly for the benefits of the phase minus any commissions I have earned since my last charge.

Once I have qualified for a phase upgrade or "Level-Up", I will receive all of the benefits associated with that phase. Some benefits are International and some are available only in the USA. My account cannot move up more than 1 phase per week and there are certain team qualifications that must be met in order for me to "Auto-Upgrade" or "level
up" to the next phase.  

My account cannot be upgraded to the next phase until I have the required amount of paid members in my team. I must have a total of 10 members in my team in order to "Auto-Upgrade" to Phase 2. I must have a total of 20 members in my team in order to "Auto-Upgrade" to Phase 3. I must have a total of 50 members in my team in order to "Auto-Upgrade" to Phase 4. This means that I will be earning commissions along the way during the process and those commissions will be applied toward my upgrade charges.

If I do not meet the requirement to "Auto-Upgrade" to the next phase, then I will remain at the current phase an be charged for the phase benefits I cam current at on a monthly basis. Commissions earned will be applied to the charge automatically.

Phase 1 Auto-Upgrade:  Upon completion of referring a minimum of 2 members for $1.00 each, my card will be charged $10.00 for Phase 1 benefits minus my earned commissions within 1 to 7 days after I qualify.

Phase 2 Auto-Upgrade:  Once my account is in Phase 1 and a I have a minimum of 10 total sales in my 2x10 team structure, my account will be auto-upgraded to Phase2 within 1 to 7 days after I have met the qualification. Upon "leveling-up" to Phase 2, my card will be charged $20.00 for Phase 2 benefits minus my earned commissions since my last phase upgrade.

Phase 3 Auto-Upgrade:  Once my account is in Phase 2 and a I have a minimum of 20 total sales in my 2x10 team structure, my account will be auto-upgraded to Phase 3 within 1 to 7 days after I have met the qualification. Upon "leveling-up" to Phase 3, my card will be charged $50.00 for Phase 3 benefits minus my earned commissions since my last phase upgrade.

Phase 4 Auto-Upgrade:  Once my account is in Phase 3 and a I have a minimum of 50 total sales in my 2x10 team structure, my account will be auto-upgraded to Phase 4 within 1 to 7 days after I have met the qualification. Upon "leveling-up" to Phase 4, my card will be charged $100.00 for Phase 3 benefits minus my earned commissions since my last phase upgrade.

Personally referred customers who are not participating in the compensation plan will be required within 90 days of the launch of the store in order for my account to remain qualified to receive commissions.The amount of customer sales I will be responsible is a minimum of the amount i am paying for the $1.00 membership or phase benefits i am currently purchasing through commissions or by credit or debt card.

I may cancel my membership at anytime by filling out the cancellation form provided in the members area of the website. I must provide 3 business days prior notice to cancellation of an account.

"My1DollarBusinss is one of the fastest growing businesses worldwide. Don't miss your chance to be a part of a global mission for success!" ~ Steve G.
"Finally, an Opportunity with real benefits and a system where you can only go up after you are already successful! ~ Coach John O.
"The best I have seen in over 20 years in marketing. This is a perfect feeder program for our more expensive product offerings!"  ~ Dr. John T.


Welcome to PRE-LAUNCH. We reserve the right to modify some details based on programming options available. Thank you.
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