Welcome to (hereinafter MY1). Our Independent Member Representatives (IMRs) are the backbone of our marketing program. We realize you have made a commitment of time, energy, and personal sacrifice to market our Memberships, services and other products. MY1 makes a commitment to you, the Member Representative, that we will provide you with the basic tools for you to have an opportunity to succeed in marketing our memberships, products and services.

The MY1 Website and other marketing and training materials have been created by MY1 as guidelines for each Member Representative to follow when presenting our Products and/or Opportunity to prospective Members and Member Representatives. As a Member Representative you have agreed to follow the RULES, REGULATIONS, and CODE of ETHICS contained within the Member Representative Terms and Conditions and these Policies and Procedures. This helps to create unity among our Member Representatives and assure the company that the sales program is being presented in an effective and consistent manner.
In addition to providing proprietary products and services, MY1 also specializes in negotiating special values and benefits programs from national and regional companies and passing along these values and benefits to its Members. MY1 derives its income from selling MY1 memberships, products and services. IMRs are required to be an IMR in good standing in order to receive commissions, bonuses, overrides, renewal commissions and renewal overrides.

Guidelines and Procedures

1. These guidelines and procedures are established to clarify and define the rights of MY1 and its Members who elect to become IMRs.

2. An individual, corporation, partnership or non-profit organization may participate as an IMR. All those wishing to participate in the IMR Opportunity must submit an IMR Application and Agreement to MY1 and have it approved. Business and non-profit organizations must be a legal entity in their state of business residence.

3. To be eligible to become an IMR, individuals must be of legal age in their resident state.

IMR Rules and Regulations

These Policies and Procedures and the IMR Compensation Plan are incorporated into the IMR Agreement. Each individual and legal entity who becomes an IMR must read these Policies and Procedures carefully. They are an explanation of the rights and responsibilities of both MY1 and its IMRs.

IMRs are required to honor and abide by all laws and regulations governing home based businesses and network marketing as required by federal, state, and local authorities. Violation of the MY1 IMR Builder Agreement, shall be cause for cancellation of the IMRs status. The IMR Terms and Conditions, IMR Compensation Plan and these Policies and Procedures may be amended periodically at the discretion of MY1. Updates will be published on the MY1 website. Upon publication on the MY1 website each becomes a part of and incorporated into the IMR Agreement.

Communicating with MY1

When you have questions or need assistance from the MY1 Corporate Office, you may use our free online help desk inbox found in the members area or email

The following numerical listing will allow you an easy access to our policies, procedures, and code of ethics:

1. The Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Policies, Procedures and Code of Ethics are established to clarify and define the rights and responsibilities of MY1 and its IMRs who are Independent Contractors originating sales of MY1’s Membership Plans and other Products and Services to customers. The Rules, Policies, Regulations and Code of Ethics are provided as guidelines for and are considered part of the IMR Agreement and are incorporated therein by reference.

2. The IMR Application and Agreement must be printed, filled out and completed by the applicant and then mailed or faxed to the MY1 Corporate Office following the directions found on the application. The Application and Agreement must be accurate, legible and faxed or mailed to MY1 within 72 hours from the date Applicant signs and executes the Application and Agreement. IMR Applications and Agreements submitted to MY1 which are not filled out completely, accurately and legibly, including necessary signatures, shall be returned to the Applicant immediately. Current forms and applications are available on the MY1 Corporate Website Members Area.

3. Any applicant applying to MY1 as a corporation, partnership, non-profit, or any other business organization must be a legal entity in its state of residence. All business organizations shall appoint one person from the organization as a designated representative with MY1. Designated representatives of organizations shall have sole rights and responsibilities as an IMR and shall abide by all provisions of the IMR Agreement.

4. Each applicant desiring to become a Member or IMR must be recommended by an IMR who is in good standing with MY1.

5. Upon approval, all individuals or business entities completing an Application and Agreement to become an IMR enjoy all rights to participate in all IMR marketing and compensation programs of the company and have the right to market MY1 memberships, products, benefits, and services.

6. IMRs must not use the MY1 corporate name, “MY1”, "", "" or in any business organization’s name or bank account names.

7. IMRs must not make representations as to any future products, benefits or services that will be offered by MY1 to its customers, until announced in writing by MY1 on the Company website.

8. IMRs will be subject to having their IMR Agreement terminated for originating sales to customers who submit to MY1 credible evidence that the IMR who originated the sale misrepresented MY1.

9. MY1 reserves the right to charge an IMR’s commissions, bonuses, overrides, renewal commissions, renewal overrides and bonus accounts for any unpaid monies owed to MY1 by an IMR and for all refunds made by the Company in its sole discretion to the IMR’s customers for which the IMR/Team Builder received commissions.

10. MY1 reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate any IMR that it believes is causing harm for any reason to MY1, its programs, IMRs, vendors, Members or customers.

11. IMRs shall indemnify and hold harmless MY1, its officers, directors, and shareholders, against any claim, liability or expense, including attorney fees, resulting from the IMRs conduct of its business as an IMR.

12. Any and all advertising and promotional material relating to MY1 shall be created, produced and made available by MY1. IMRs shall not develop or sell in whole or part any literature, stationary, business cards, envelopes, advertising material, and/or sales aids referring in any manner to MY1. IMR's may submit created marketing material to MY1 for approval at which time the materials become the exclusive sole property of MY1.

13. An IMR may reproduce all official MY1 single part forms and materials. No changes may be made to these forms.

14. All IMRs receiving any inquiry regarding MY1 from the press or other media must immediately refer the inquiry to the MY1 Corporate Office and refrain from providing information to the inquiring media entity or person.

15. All IMRs must submit any and all personal information file changes to MY1 via online members area profile area, inbox, or help desk. File changes include, but are not limited to, change of name, address, phone number, Social Security number or Federal Identification Number.

16. All data and information received regarding MY1 obtained by an IMR as a result of his/her/their contractual relationships with MY1 is deemed proprietary, confidential, and trade secrets of MY1.

17. No IMR has the authority to bind MY1 to any obligation.

18. All IMRs have the right to conduct their home-based business anywhere in the United States without territorial exclusivity and Internationally where permitted by law.

19. Upon the death of an individual or dissolution of a business entity, the IMR’s right to commissions, bonuses, overrides and marketing position, together with all IMR responsibilities, shall pass to its designated successors upon receipt of a notarized statement or certified court order substantiating the prospective beneficiary’s claim to the IMR’s business. The beneficiary must also fulfill all responsibilities of the IMR and complete a new IMR Application and Agreement form.

20. All IMRs have the right to sponsor/refer others as IMRs. In addition, every person/entity has the initial right to choose his/her/their own sponsor. If two IMRs should claim to be the sponsors of the same new IMR, MY1 shall regard the first signed application received by the corporate office as controlling. MY1 reserves the right to reassign sponsorship in a case by case basis.

21. Business licenses may be required of an IMR. An IMR will determine and obtain all required licenses including telemarketing license if applicable to IMR’s sales activities.

22. No product purchase or the purchase of sales tools is required to become or to remain a IMR of MY1.

Code of Ethics

IMR is committed to fair and ethical business practices and services to its IMRs, members and customers. Every IMR of MY1 hereby pledges to abide by the Code of Ethics, standards and procedures, established by MY1 in the conduct of their business as a condition of being accepted and continuing as an IMR of MY1.

1. IMRs hereby pledge that they will not engage in any deception or unlawful practice in dealing with Customers or with other IMRs.

2. IMRs pledge to present MY1 and its earnings potential to potential IMRs without exaggeration or deception of any kind whatsoever, or representations that profit can be made easily or without effort.

3. IMRs pledge that they shall not provide any earnings potential claims to any prospective IMR candidate, including but not limited to display of commission checks or reference to the earnings achieved by any IMR, except as may be provided from time to time by MY1 on the official Company website. A general description of how the compensation plan works is not, standing alone, deemed a statement of potential earnings.

4. MY1 believes in the highest ethics and sense of fair play. Misrepresentations to potential customers, existing customers, or the public, of any material facts regarding MY1 or its income potential will cause quick and decisive action in termination of the offender. In extreme cases of violations, MY1 reserves the right to pursue reasonable legal recourse. MY1 safeguards its good name and requires all IMRs to enforce ethical policies and all laws, statutes and regulations imposed by any lawful governing body.

5. IMRs who participate in MY1 are free to sell products and services of other companies and participate in other direct marketing companies, however each IMR agrees that they will not promote or sell other products or services of any other company along with or when presenting the MY1 memberships and sales program to prospective Members or prospective IMRs.

6. IMRs agree not to make any benefit, service, product, or income claims to the public that are not expressly stated in official MY1 literature.

7. IMRs will study the MY1 literature, training materials, web site, marketing and compensation plan and provide reasonable ongoing training and support to IMRs in her/his/their sales organization.

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