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My1DollarBusiness "MY1" is a DBA of llc.

1. MY1 Membership is available to licensed corporate and other legally recognized organizations. Individual Members must be over age of 18 years at time of submission of application. Membership is effective upon its receipt and acceptance by MY1.

2. Member understands that many of the products and services offered to Members are provided to Member by third parties and that MY1 provides no warranties or guarantees regarding the products and services made available to Member. Member agrees to look exclusively to the actual supplier of goods and services for any refunds, warranties or guarantees to which Member may be entitled.

3. The MY1 membership offers various goods and services to our members. Some products are proprietary. Member understands and agrees that the same or substantially similar goods and services may be available to Member at equal lower prices from other suppliers of such goods and services on the Internet and within the shopping areas of a Members place of residence. MY1 is not a discount buying service.

4. Member may cancel their Membership to at any time by written email notice to support through our online Inbox help desk found in the member's area or by emailing support at MY1 is not responsible for lost or non-delivered email. Cancellation notices must include member's account information including: first and last name of the account, phone number, My1DollarBusiness website name and reason for cancellation. Cancellation of purchased memberships be must be received at least five (5) days before the next credit card or debit card charge date, otherwise cancellation will be effective as of the next scheduled credit card or debit card charge date subsequent to receipt of cancellation notice. No refunds or partial refunds are provided.

5. Membership Privileges: Members may access all benefits available to them inside their members area found by clicking the "log in" or "sign in" or "members area" links on our website found at Once logged in, members may click on the "Library" link inside the members area in order to access all benefits available to member.

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