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~ Pathway To Prosperity My Bailout Program
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earn good Income with only $1.00!


Leaders who enroll 10 or more on launch day for $1 and help them enroll just 2 each will be given special recognition, special perks and bonuses as the program progresses and explodes worldwide. Prizes and bonuses will be awarded to to those who continue to help the more people and build bigger and bigger. Remember that 10 referrals who make it to Phase 4 is an automatic (10 x $25 = $250 ) monthly in addition to all your 10 level matrix income!

Refer 10 members for $1.00 each, then make it to Phase 4 and help them do the same and you will get this amazing vacation FREE for 7 nights and 8 days in a 5 star resort provided by , a $1,899 value!

Those who refer 100 or more will join the 100 CLUB, be recognized as "SUPER AFFILIATES" and share in a percentage of Overall Corporate Profits! Remember that 100 referrals who make it to Phase 4 is an additional (100 x $25 = $2,500) monthly in addition to your 10 level matrix income!

When you refer 100 that remain active and a total of 50 in your team make it to phase 4 for a minimum period of 3 months, you will receive an all expense paid vacation including airfare for two and $1000 spending money for food and drinks. That's a 5 Star Luxury Dream Vacation worth $1,899, $1000 spending cash and Airfare for two from the Continental US,

Remember it only takes 2 personal referrals at $1 to qualify for all 10 levels and 4 phases of the program which can help you earn up to $10.000 monthly! Leader and Super Affiliate Programs are optional.

Thank you and congratulations.




“This is a fantastic program to help the Masses!"
- Cindy B

“Amazing! This is the best I've ever seen!"
- Coach John

“Awesome! The system takes your from $1 to Success!"
- William H

“The perfect Feeder Program for your main business!
- Tyrone H.

"This is Genius! Nearly everyone can do it!"
- Kamaal W

“Most say YES! I've been praying for something like this!"
- Karen D


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