This is a big one.

Our mission is to help 1 million families and beyond to become debt free and then take it even higher. This is to be accomplished by helping the majority of people succeed instead of fail.

"Sometimes all it takes is a tiny bit of success to instill confidence in an individual" ~ Steve Gresham.

Becoming Debt Free entails 3 major components: a) saving money b) earning money and c) managing money wisely which comes from personal development and education.

Our system is set up to help individuals accomplish all three. Whether you want to save money, make money or learn how to manage your wealth more efficiently, we are excited to welcome you to My1DollarBusiness.com.


Mr. Steve Gresham has a passion for helping people. As a Martial Arts student and instructor for over 30 years he has taught hundreds of students how to improve their lives. Mr. Gresham holds a 4th degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate and is the Vice President of the United States Kenpo Karate Association. He is also an apprentice guru in other martial arts and the founder of KarateFire.com, an online martial arts teaching system.

Mr. Gresham started in sales and marketing at the age of 20 and was always good at selling. He joined many affiliate marketing companies throughout the years and started his own company, SavingsHighway.com in 2006. He has always been a pioneer in new ways of thinking and has participated in many successful ventures.

With more than a decade of profitable business ownership while surrounding himself with intelligent leadership, Mr. Gresham has now launched My1DollarBusiness.com with the purpose of "giving people a fighting chance for success".

Through the years Mr. Gresham has helped members save money, earn great affiliate commissions and benefit from unique products and services.

He is currently working with School Districts to create Smart Solar Schools and offers a free opportunity for members to get involved and share in the profits while making a better planet.

Steve is also an accomplished singer, songwriter and saxophonist and has performed hundreds of live shows and recorded albums.

He is a devoted family man who loves spending time with his children and participating in their activities. Those who know Mr. Gresham express that he is a loving person who follows through and gets the job done.

Mr. Gresham states:

          "Nobody is perfect, but its the striving for perfection that brings out the best in all of us. When we base our decisions on love, we remove fear and greed from our hearts. When we focus on serving others and helping them fulfill their needs, the true blessings of life can abundantly pour in. Every failure is an opportunity for a greater success. Every no brings you one step closer to a yes, however it sure is more fun to get yes's right out of the gate!  That's why My1DollarBusiness.com was created. It's my goal to help as many people who want to become successful to achieve their goals and reach their full potential and I believe this is a great vehicle to catapult them to success. Helping people achieve their goals is where it's at! That's true fulfillment." ~ Steve Gresham, Founder


“This is a fantastic program to help the Masses!"
- Cindy B

“Amazing! This is the best I've ever seen!"
- Coach John

“Awesome! The system takes your from $1 to Success!"
- William H

“The perfect Feeder Program for your main business!
- Tyrone H.

"This is Genius! Nearly everyone can do it!"
- Kamaal W

“Most say YES! I've been praying for something like this!"
- Karen D


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