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Why was founded?

To help people build success, confidence, find savings and create additional income. My1DollarBusiness is also a feeder program to help and support the entire industry.

Is My1DollarBusiness International?

Yes. You can order with any major credit or debit card from any free country in the world. International Members will be required to provide a valid photo ID.

What benefits do International Members Receive?

The world's greatest travel programs with great deals on up to 400,000 Hotels and 40,000 Condos Worldwide, APPS that are international which help members to get great deals on shopping and also powerful personal development and success training modules, tax accounting and deduction software and more. We will continue to add more and more value because value is king. In addition we will be opening a store which will have several great products that may be shipped internationally.

What benefits do USA Members Receive?

All the same benefits as International Members plus others only available in the USA including Roadside Assistance, Family Legal Plan, Grocery programs, shopping programs and more.

Can I pay for someone else?

No. Each customer must enroll themselves and use their own payment card to order our products and services. Violators of this will be terminated as customers and/or representatives. It is permitted for married couples to each order and use the same card for payment. Parents may also pay for their children if they live in the same household, however the parents are responsible for all the fees and commissions for the child.

Can a minor enroll?

Yes, however the parents are responsible for all the fees and commissions for the child. Or minors can however help to promote the replicated website of their guardians.

How can I become an Independent Representative and earn commissions?

Join and become a member for either $10.00 or $1.00. Then read the required trainings and refer others. When you make a sale of a customer-only product or a sale of Memberships, you become a Representative. A valid photo ID will also be required for Members outside the USA.

Where do I get my link to refer others?

Inside your Members Area. It will look like this:

What type of payment do we accept?

Major Credit and Debit Cards. We do not accept bit coin or others at this time.

When and how are commissions paid?

On or after the 15th of each month, commissions will be paid by Check in the USA and CANADA or e-wallet internationally. We will also wire commissions over $2,000 by request. The wire fee plus a $29.99 Handling fee will be paid by the Representative requesting the bank wire in the USA or Internationally. We plan on using an International eWallet platform for payments outide the USA and Canada.

What is the minimum check amount and check fee.

$50.00 USD.

What is the check processing fee?

There is a $1.00 check processing fee. For example, if you earn $1,001, your check will be for $1,000.

How will I see my referrals?

Log into your personal Member's Area where you can see your referrals and their referrals up to 10 generations.

Who is the founder of

Mr, Steve Gresham who is also the founder of, Vice President of the USKKA, United States Kenpo Karate Association and an experienced, successful entrepreneur with a mission to help families become debt free and spread success, happiness and love throughout the world. Mr. Gresham has over 25 years experience in sales and marketing and has a passion for helping people find their true potential. For more information about Mr. Gresham, click here.

When is the launch?

Right now we are finishing testing of all systems to make sure the launch goes smoothly. We will launch as soon as it's ready and all pre-enrolles have been imported. The tentative launch date is the first week of January 2017.

If I am in Phase 4, do I earn on Phases 1-3 payouts as well or just Phase 4 by itself?

In your 2x10 organization, you may have members in different phases. When they pay for their phase either with credit or debit card, with commissions or with a combination of the two, you will earn the commission for that phase customer benefit package purchase.

There is a total of possible 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 customers respectively in your 2x10 structure. As each of them pay for the phase benefits they are purchasing, you earn the respective commission.

When a customer in your 2x10 orders for $1, you will receive the commission for the $1 Membership. When they move to phase 2 for $10, you earn the commission for the Phase 1 order and so on.

I want to enroll, but I don't have a sponsor. What can I do?

You can look online for a sponsor.

I want to make a video or other marketing material and post on youtube, facebook or other places. Can I?

Yes, however all marketing must be approved by the home office. Posting marketing material without approval is grounds for termination without pay. Send all marketing material to us through your Online Help Desk in your Members Area for approval first. All marketing materials must include the disclaimer, "We do not guarantee results of any kind".

What's the best strategy to make sure I will profit?

Refer 4 or more!

While you can qualify to earn in all phases with only 2 personally referred customers, it is advisable to refer at least 4 or more. Here is why. Let's say in your first week you refer 4 customers and help them to refer at least 2 each. That means you and they will be auto-upgrading to phase 1 sometime in the next 1 to 7 days depending on when you have qualified. So look at the numbers. You referred 4 member benefit packages and earned:

Customer 1 = 25 cents
Customer 2 = 25 cents
Customer 3 = 25 cents
Customer 4 = 25 cents
So that's a total of $1.00 in commissions applied to your account in real time.

Now each of them referred 2 each and you earned 5 cents for each of their customer purchases. That's another (5cents x 8) = 40 cents.

And let's say another 50 members order that week in your 2x10 structure. That would be another (50 x 5 cents) = $2.50.

So if we add those commissions, you have earned $1.00 + .40 + $2.50 = $3.90.
Then when your Phase 1 upgrade takes place, your account will be charged $10.00 minus the $3.90 in commissions, so in this example, you would pay $6.10 for your Phase 1 Level -Up.

And here's the cool part... Since you referred 4 customers who became reps and referred 2 each, they will follow you and upgrade as well to Phase 1, just like you did. And you will earn 25% on each of their upgrades, so that's ($2.50 x 4) = $10.00 in commissions.

So by referring 4 or more and making sure they refer 2 or more each, you are creating a cycle of success where you earn commissions to help pay for your next phase. And each time they follow you, your account goes into positive.

Plus, by referring 10, you will enter the leaders team and pre-qualify for your free vacation valued at $1,899. And by referring 100, you will qualify for corporate profit sharing and pre-qualify for an all expense paid free vacation including the 7 night room stay values at $1,899 plus airfare for two up to $1,000 and $1,000 Spending Cash.

So the best strategy to maximize profitability is to refer as many as you can but also make sure they refer at least 2 each.

In addition, start all your Members at the Instant Phase 1 Level-up for $10.00 and you can automatically make much more income!

Where can I get updates?

On our facebook page:

What is the difference between a Member/Customer and a Rep/Customer?

A Member/Customer is a person who is buying a product or service, but is not part of the compensation structure. A Rep/Customer is a person who is buying a product or service and is also a Representative who is participating in the compensation plan. When you refer a new member, they are a customer, however if they submit a representative agreement and refer other customers and earn commissions, they become a Representative.

How can I earn even more than the Potential?

We will be launching a My1DollarBusiness Store where you will be able to send customers to purchase products and services. These customers will not be a part of the opportunity and will not occupy a position in your 2x10 network.

Is there a customer requirement and if so how many?

Yes. We have set the system up for your potential long-term success. As a Representative, you can build your 2x10 team quickly and earn commissions.
And you can invite anyone you know who is not part of the business opportunity to purchase Great products and services and you'll earn top commissions on all of their purchases.

Customers can be anyone you know who is not participating in the opportunity.
Representatives participating in the compensation plan will be required to produce minimal customer sales volume only in the amount of their phase and may have up to 90 days to product the customers. All legitimate companies in Affiliate Marketing have customer requirements. Once we launch our store, customer requirements will go into effect.

The great news is that by having customers who are not participating in the opportunity, you will be able to earn much more money while keeping your business satisfying legal requirements. Plus, you will earn customer purchase overrides on your entire team's customer purchases, taking your $10,000+ monthly potential income into an UNLIMITED MONTHLY INCOME POTENTIAL!

I pre-enrolled, but I didn't receive an email.

We are not sending confirmation emails until launch. Once you pre-enroll, you can refer others to this website and ask them to put your name as their sponsor.

JOINING THE TEXT LIST: I texted my1biz to (706) 256-8535 but I didn't get a confirmation text that I was added to the list.

Texting is only available for USA and Canadian members. Also, many people are texting incorrectly like this: MY 1 biz.  or my 1 biz. It must be exactly: my1biz if you are to be added to the text group. If you are not getting a text at least once or twice a week, please try again and make sure you text exactly: my1biz

Is there a 24 hour recorded call I can listen to and share with others?

Yes. Dial (641) 715-3800 then enter access code: 285295 for a 10 minute overview from the founder.

Are there live or recorded conference calls?

Yes. Make sure check the facebook page for updates. To listen to the last recorded call, Dial (712) 770-4349 and enter access code: 848752# 

Can I purchase Guaranteed Sign-ups from companies and have them enroll them for me?

No. The only guaranteed sign ups allowed will be provided by the company if any are provided. A "Guaranteed Sign-Up" is a service offered by some companies online. You pay them and they tell you they will get signups for you. In most cases, this is not the case and a waste of your money. We do not permit guaranteed sign ups.

Can I Auto-Surf the program on "pay-per-click" services?

No. This does not produce real signups in most cases and only takes up necessary bandwidth for real people. Doing so may result in termination of a reps account.

Can I purchase Leads to build my business?

Yes, we offer approved telephone-interviewed prospect information. You can see the leads packages and order. click here.

Will I pay more than $1 with the program?

If you do not refer 2 customers, you will pay only $1 per month and receive all of the benefits worth much more than $1.

If you do refer 2 customers, you will be moved into phase 1 sometime between 1 and 7 days after you have referred 2. The benefits for phase 1 costs $10, however you will not pay the full $10 because commissions you earn up until that point will be applied toward your payment.

Then as the members you refer are successful and move up into phase 1 also, you will earn more and receive (25%) or $2.50 for each one.

Every time you move into a new phase, your commissions you earned since the upgrade of your previous phase will be applied toward the new phase benefits purchase. You may pay some for each phase upgrade, however if your team is growing with customers, you will be earning commissions as you go. 

Success is required in order to "Level-Up". You must have a minimum of 50 customers in your team to enter Phase 4, and most likely many of them will be in phase 1, 2, 3 or following you into phase 4 soon after you move into phase 4. That means you are earning commissions which will applied toward your "level-up" to your next phase.

Plus, for each personal referral you have that follows you into purchasing phase 4 benefits, you will receive $25 monthly, so it is recommended to refer 4 or more personally because (4 X $25 = $100).

Yes, you will most likely pay for most of your phase 1 upgrade, however by referring 4 or more who follow you, you will earn more than you paid on each phase upgrade quickly.

There's never been a system like this that we know of which requires your team's success before you can "Level Up!".

Can a Member "Level-Up" to Phase 4 in just 1 week?

No, the most you can level up in 1 week is 1 phase. We set it this way so you will have an entire week of potential new team commissions being earned before your new phase benefits "level-up".

Can a church or non-profit enroll?

Yes, they can sign up just like anyone else using a valid Tax ID or Non-Profit ID. For more information, click here for our fundraising page.

What if my question is not answered here?

Use your Free Help Desk in your Members Area.

"My1DollarBusinss is one of the fastest growing businesses worldwide. Don't miss your chance to be a part of a global mission for success!" ~ Steve G.
"Finally, an Opportunity with real benefits and a system where you can only go up after you are already successful! ~ Coach John O.
"The best I have seen in over 20 years in marketing. This is a perfect feeder program for our more expensive product offerings!"  ~ Dr. John T.


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