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This movie is from the actual resorts you can choose from. You only pay $9/night Room Tax!


Leaders who enroll 10 or more paid members on launch day for $1 and help them enroll just 2 each will be given special recognition, special perks and bonuses as the program progresses and explodes worldwide. Prizes and bonuses will be awarded to to those who continue to help the more people and build bigger and bigger. Remember that 10 referrals who make it to Phase 4 is an automatic (10 x $25 = $250 ) monthly in addition to all your 10 level matrix income!

Once you have made it to Phase 4 and helped 10 personally referred members make it to phase 4 in your team for a minimum of 2 months, you will qualify for a FREE Vacation for 7 nights and 8 days in a 5 star resort provided by valued at $1,899! These are "World-Class" top notch resorts!

Those who refer 100 or more will join the 100 CLUB, be recognized as "SUPER AFFILIATES" and share in a percentage of Overall Corporate Profits! Remember that 100 referrals who make it to Phase 4 is an additional (100 x $25 = $2,500) monthly in addition to your 10 level matrix income! There is no cap to how many you can refer and each set of 100 paid active signups will earn you another share of profit sharing.

(Up to $4,000 VALUE!)

When you refer 100 that remain active and a total of 50 of your personally referred members make it to phase 4 for a minimum period of 3 months, you will receive an all expense paid vacation including airfare for two plus $1,000 spending money for food and drinks. That's a 5-Star Luxury Dream Vacation worth $1,899 plus $1,000 spending cash plus Airfare for two from the Continental US.


Privileges: This reward provides two adults, 21 years or older, with 7 nights of luxury accommodations in a studio unit from one of the following locations:

Mexico Luxury: Riviera Maya, Nuevo Vallarta, Los Cabos, or Acapulco or choose from United States Deluxe Resorts in Las Vegas or Orlando. 

Procedures: Once qualified, contact our support department and we will send you an email within 3 to 5 business days including your Luxury Collection Vacation Reward. You will be provided a website where you will click to "Register", then enter your access number, PIN and Activation Code. We will provide you with to complete the step by step registration process.
Once complete, you will then have the ability to book your 7 night luxury stay at your leisure within 6 months, and up to 12 months in advance. You are responsible for government imposed taxes which are $9.00 USD per night which will be paid directly to the resort upon check out. For those who select Riviera Maya or Nuevo Vallarta, there will be a $75.00 USD resort fee, per reservation, payable to the resort upon check out. As part of the resort fee, you will be provided one-way transportation from the airport to the resort, daily maid service, turn down service, local phone calls, welcome cocktail, daily newspaper, gym, Internet, and inter-resort shuttle service. Once you submit your reservation, you will receive confirmation via email within 48 hours. In the rare event your reservation cannot be confirmed, an agent will contact you with alternative available dates and assist you with obtaining confirmation. 

ATTENTION: Travelers selecting Riviera Maya or Nuevo Vallarta destinations: Approximately one week prior to check in, you will need to contact the resort's concierge and provide the following information:
1.) Reservation Number
2.) Number of passengers
3.) Airline Flight Number
4.) Date and Time of your Arrival and
5.) Your email address.

This will provide the Resort ample opportunity to set up and confirm your transportation from the airport to the resort. Cancellations of reservations 31 days or more are allowed, but will be subject to a $99 re-booking fee. Cancellations of reservations less than 30 days prior to check in cannot be accommodated and re-booking your vacation will not be allowed. Travel Insurance is highly recommended. 

TRAVEL DISCLAIMER:,, its owners, employees, representatives, customers or affiliates and our travel partners s are not responsible for any acts of nature, any other natural disaster or circumstance beyond our control, which may impact availability at our participating resorts. All reservations and confirmations are subject to space availability. Expiration date of booking is 6 months from the time we issue your redemption code, however you can book up to 12 months out from then. Guests are responsible for any and all related costs, including but not limited to: transportation, local taxes, incidentals and any other incurred costs, while on vacation. 

DEDICATION: and its partners are dedicated to making your vacation a memorable and trouble free experience. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at or text us at (706) 256-8535. Thank you.

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Welcome to PRE-LAUNCH. We reserve the right to modify some details based on programming options available. Thank you.
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