1. When a person joins "MY1", they are ordering order a customer membership for $1.00.

2. Customers also called "Members" agree to pay a minimum of $1.00 monthly in exchange for valuable benefits provided by MY1BIZ and our Affiliates.

3. Customers/Members may also elect to become a free Independent Marketing Representative (IMR) or "Affiliate" of MY1 by: a) Filling out their profile information including Social Security Number and/or Tax ID  in their Members Area.  b) Printing, Signing and Submitting their Independent Marketing Representative Agreement and c) Referring new customers who make a purchase.

4. There is no required purchase to become an Independent Marketing Representative (IMR), however all IMR's must also be customers. 

5. There is no additional monetary incentive offered to IMR's who purchase a product or service from MY1BIZ.

6. All commissions are earned from the purchases of customers referred by the IMR or customers referred by IMR's members whom the initial IMR's has referred throughout their referral organization or members which have been placed in the IMR's team or organization.

At MY1, our goal is to offer valuable products and services to our members/customers and to reward our Independent Representatives for referring customers who purchase. 

For complete details of the My1 Opportunity / Compensation Plan, please check an IMR's Website and click on the Opportunity, Referral Rewards , Affiliate Plan or Compensation Plan link.

"My1DollarBusinss is one of the fastest growing businesses worldwide. Don't miss your chance to be a part of a global mission for success!" ~ Steve G.
"Finally, an Opportunity with real benefits and a system where you can only go up after you are already successful! ~ Coach John O.
"The best I have seen in over 20 years in marketing. This is a perfect feeder program for our more expensive product offerings!"  ~ Dr. John T.


Welcome to PRE-LAUNCH. We reserve the right to modify some details based on programming options available. Thank you.
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